Digital for Rail

Specialised digital solutions for the rail industry

Softech, as the name may suggest, has had software and technology at the heart of its foundation for over three decades. Softech Rail has delivered over 100 projects for most of the big players in the rail industry including Network Rail.

We want to significantly contribute to the ‘digital railway’ rather than just using the term as a ‘buzzword’.

Rail Specific Offerings

We provide consultancy, infrastructure and maintenance for all IT systems specific to the rail industry. Unlike other IT and software companies our services are tailored to the rail industry instead of providing generic solutions to generic challenges.

IT Consultancy

Comprehensive audits of your current systems and jargon-busting advice

Cost Reduction

Identification and implementation of potentially huge savings by tweaking your IT setups


By first understanding the pain points in your business processes and procedures, we can design and deliver a unique mix of technologies to vastly increase your organisational productivity.

Beskpoke Software

We can design, develop, deliver and maintain any software in most technologies for your needs

Security & Policies

Identification of risks and execution of policies to safeguard your organisation’s data

Communication Infrastructure

Provision and maintenance of cutting edge cloud technology to give you unrivalled functionality and reliability across the industry

Online Reputation Management

Image is everything, today it’s mostly online. We specialise in managing and safeguarding that to best serve your interests in the industry.

Experience in the Rail Industry

Softech Digital have helped support, maintain, innovate and evolve the highly complex and sophisticated systems that Softech Rail have used in many of these projects throughout the last two decades to hit tough commercial targets, deliver on time and budget whilst enabling highly effective and efficient team collaboration across continents resulting in massive time and cost savings coupled with simultaneous enhancements and automation of their second to none rail industry processes and procedures. We understand the highly bespoke nature of the industry’s requirements and just how important attention to detail is.

Today, we are opening our rail specific IT expertise and services to the rest of the industry. We believe the future for Rail is bright and really look forward to enjoying its shine together with you.

Current Digital Services for the Rail Industry

So far, the companies that have provided Software, IT Infrastructure and communication services to the rail industry have been generic. Whilst some may cater for the private sector, small, medium or large companies, others may focus on the public sector, rarely they specialise in the rail sector. Therefore, they use their knowledge and expertise for all their clients, whether private sector, public sector, rail or non- rail. A one glove fits all approach, or at best the same glove may be offered in several sizes.

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