Artificial Intelligence



Softech Digital offers the necessary expertise to successfully execute a comprehensive Ai Consulting or development project, transforming your ideas into fully developed solutions. We provide assistance throughout the entire AI development lifecycle, starting form the initial assessment phase and extending to development and beyond.

Innovative Thinking

Resources Tailored For You

With our extensive knowledge in machine learning, analytics, and big data, we offer a diverse array of artificial intelligence services and solutions to assist you in defining your objectives, creating tailored software, and seamlessly incorporating it into your business operations.

Exceptional Results

Increase Turnover

Through our AI solutions, we enhance the digital ecosystems of businesses resulting in improved customer experiences, increased sales, enhanced marketing initiatives, and streamlines workflows.


Complete AI Solutions

When it comes to big data, we assist organisations in extracting value from their vase data assets adn external sources. Our comprehensive range of services covers everything from data mapping and transformation to data warehousing, processing, and visualisation. With our expertise, we enable you to unlock actionable insights from your big data, empowering data-driven decision-making within your organisation.

Big Data

Fast Deployment

Results Driven

Machine Learning

We leverage a diverse range of AI-related technologies, drawing upon the expertise of our developers to craft customised solutions that meet your specific requirements while delivering exceptional performance. 

Get Ready to Engage


Softech Digital’s solutions, infused with AI capabilities, excel in key areas of application. Our solutions possess the ability to analyse visual content, enabling them to extract meaningful insights from images and videos. Additionally, they can mimic human communication through natural language processing and generate intelligent responses. Moreover, our AI-powered solutions are proficient in delving into large datasets, unearthing valuable information and patterns that can drive data-driven decision-makign and enhance overall business performance.

Scalable Teams for Every Project


Complete software development capabilities to suit any requirement whilst being flexible in our way of working to best suit our clients.

Out of the Box Consulting

+ Identifying relevant use cases

+ Mapping and assessing data quality 

+ Audits of existing solutions

+ Project setup advisory

+ Reviewing development process

+ Performing ROI analysis

+ Designing solution architecture

+ Technology stack selection

+ Assisting with project budgeting

+ Conceptualising (MVP)s

+ Risk management strategies

Efficient Development

+ Setting up ETL pipelines

+ Data pre-processing tasks

+ Data protection and cybersecurity

+ Selecting suitable AI algorithms

+ Training AI models

+ Software Integration and APIs

+ UX/UI and data visualisation setup

+ Deployment to live environment

+ Conducting end-to-end testing

+ Support and maintenance

+ User training and ongoing support

Integrity & Trust

Experts with Experience and Values

Leveraging our deep expertise in a wide range of prominent AI tools, frameworks, and platforms available in the market, we meticulously choose the most appropriate tech stack to develop and deliver impactful solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our Approach to Security

We believe that security should be an intregral part of any software by design. Our development processes are founded on the importance of protection against unauthorised access, use and destruction.

With the increasing prevalence of cyber attacks and the targeting of data for money, we believe in sensibly assessing risks and taking appropriate precautionary measures.

Prevention is better than cure.

Application Integrity

All our applications are designed to protect against system vulnerabilities like malware and ransomware attacks.

End to end security

We design solutions in such a way as to protect data whilst it is in transit and at rest.

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What our clients say

"Softech Digital designed the company's website and were both efficient and creative in its design, as well as pro-active in delivering the site on time and on budget.
The website has been an enhancement to our business. It is also hosted by Softech Digital and we have found them to be extremely helpful and responsive to our requirements."

Freddie Hamilton
Director, Dscribe

"Softech Digital have created new websites for my business. These work well on smartphones and laptops, are easy to update and maintain. Very pleased indeed.
Softech Digital have also provided expert IT support and fixed various problems as they occur and often at short notice. Easy to contact, helpful and well-informed."

Dr. Adam Harris
Consultant Gastroenterologist, West Kent Gastroenterology

"Our business has grown leaps and bounds through Softech Digital's marketing and now consistently receive new enquiries. They also migrated all of our systems onto the cloud. They are very knowledgeable and always resolve our queries promptly. Their excellent training helped our staff comfortably use our new cloud systems effectively and efficiently." 

Tricia Brown
Practice Manager, Medsecretary

"Our experience with Softech Digital has been nothing but stellar! We love the look and feel of our new website and the ease with which we are able to maintain it. Definitely a win for organizations that want a professional look without having to be a "webmaster”. The customer support is outstanding. We appreciate that the company cares about us and is available with a quick response, every time."

Neil Sansom
Director, Carwash Nightclubs

 "Softech Digital designed the company's website and were both efficient and creative in its design, as well as pro-active in delivering the site on time and on budget.
The website has been an enhancement to our business. It is also hosted by Softech Digital and we have found them to be extremely helpful and responsive to our requirements."

Tony Rochester
Estate Planning Advisor, MVL Wills and Trusts

"We’ve seen our business grow leaps and bounds as a result of Softech’s SEO. We have been getting five to ten confirmed bookings a week solely because of their services."

Arjun Viswanath
Lead Clinician, London Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic

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Joe Lean
Director, Piletech